Membership Information:

  Creates a database of all members and all of their activities can be tracked.

  The ability to broadcast Email and Text Messages to your members with one click of the mouse.

  Creates Rosters Mailing Lists for all your members.

  Creates Address Labels.

  Creates a variety of Rosters

  Creates QR Badges that can be used to scan membership attendance for Calls, Drills, Meetings, and Work Details.

  Tracks Personnel Protective Equipment.

  Keeps track of all Runs.

Incident Call Information:

  Easily Search Runs.

  Create Run Statistic Reports.

  Tracks Run Attendance.

  Create Membership Statistic Reports.

  Tracks EMS Call Attendance.

  Creates Maps that give turn-by-turn directions from your firehouse.

  Create Street Directories.

  Send Press Reports of weekly fire calls to the Press.

  Create Custom Incident Type Templates


  Keeps track of all department drills

  Create Training Libraries.

  Track Training Attendance.

  Track Medical certification expiration dates.


  Create Weekly Vehicle Check database

  Track Vehicle Check Attendance.

  Create a database of Apparatus Compartment Inventory

  Create Apparatus Equipment Books.

  Keep track of fuel using the Fuel Log.

Other Activities:

  Track Department Meetings.

  Track Meeting Attendance.

  Track Work Details

  Track Work Detail Attendance.

  Built-in Events Calendar

  Web Link To NFIRS Reporting Website (Does Not Export Data To NFIRS)

  Built-In Point System Incentive Program.

  General Point System Section.