Ace You EMT Intermediate 1999 Practical


Ace Your EMT Intermediate 1999 Practical Exam

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Becoming an EMT Intermediate is no easy task. You spend scores of hours in the classroom, hours of ride-time on the ambulance and time in the ER. The entire experience can be stressful.  After the long and demanding journey to obtain your certification the last thing you need is added stress during your practical exam.

That is why Knightlite created Ace Your EMT Intermediate 99 Practical DVD. Under the calming direction of Paramedic Instructor Gary Havican, you learn how to relax and move smoothly and confidently through each station.

Ace Your EMT Intermediate 99 Practical is made up of 12 stations, and offers 110 minutes of instruction. Below is a list of the included stations:

Stations Included:

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About Gary Havican:

Gary Havican has been an EMT since 1988 and a Paramedic since 1994.  He is a certified EMS-Instructor and an instructor in ACLS, ACLS-EP, PALS and BLS. Gary has been a Knightlite content writer for the past 8 years and has been a contributing author to several EMS journals and textbooks.  Gary has worked as a volunteer EMT for nearly 20 years, he’s worked commercial EMS, as a paramedic, was a hospital EMS Coordinator for a mid-sized community hospital and a large academic facility, he’s worked for the state Office of Emergency Medical Services and is currently a part time Paramedic for a county wide paramedic intercept service. Gary is the former Chair of the Connecticut Paramedic Committee and Chairs the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee.  He’s also served on several boards and committees related to EMS throughout the past 21 years.  Gary has a BA in History and an MBA in Executive Management and is currently an Administrative Director for a local mid-sized community hospital.


Ace Your EMT Intermediate 85 Practical


Only $79.95

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110 Minutes Of Instruction

Each Station is broken up into four distinctive parts.

  1. 1)A brief introduction to the station.

  1. 2)The actual station being performed.

  1. 3)A review of the National Registry Skill Sheet.

4) A review of the station’s Critical Criteria

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