EMT Refresher Study Software Version 1.0


Study software specifically designed already Certified EMTs who are going for their refresher exam.  THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR EMT STUDENTS SEEKING CERTIFICATION FOR THE FIRST TIME. First time EMT Students should use our EMT Study Helper which has 2106 questions including all the questions in the EMT Refresher Study Helper Software.  Click here for more information.

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EMT Refresher Study Helper Version 1.0

Prepare For Your Refresher Quickly And Painlessly!

  1. 678 Likely Questions Spanning 15 Chapters.

  2. 1200 Definitions.

  3. 100 National Registry-Style Scenario Questions.

  4. National Registry Skill Sheets

  5. Easy-Use-Interface makes studying fast and fun!

Take test on-screen or print them out in a variety of ways.  Keeps track of the questions you answer incorrectly. Don’t waste time on information you have already mastered. Concentrate on what you are weak in.  This software app can help you accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

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Here you are. You are already an EMT and have been one for some time.  Its been three years, and now you have to sit through a refresher class and retake your written test.  The problem is, your time is limited.  You know what you are doing, but feel a little rusty on some of the material you may be tested on. 

This is where we come in. Our EMT Refresher software was designed for someone just like you. You don’t have a lot of time, but you want to quickly review the material and pinpoint topics you may be weak in.

We chose 578 questions we believe are relevant to being asked in a refresher exam.  We also added 100 National Registry-style scenario questions and 1200 definitions, route words, suffixes and prefixes to help get your brain in high-gear and study-mode.  Are they going to be the exact questions on your refresher... probably not, but each of our 15 chapters are very likely to contain information that will be asked on your exam, and because you used this software, you will be prepared.

Success on a written exam depends on two factors.

  1. 1)The information that is stored in your head and how easily you can get it back out on to the answer sheet.

2) The amount of stress you are under.  Our software helps you sharpen your mind, and puts it in testing mode, and the very nature of our interface, allows you to pinpoint your weaknesses while not wasting time on what you feel confident in.  The more confident you become, the less stress you will feel.  The less stress, the more your mind will relax and allow you to remember information that you will need to successfully pass your EMT Refresher Exam.  Give us a try, and start reducing stress today.