Brannigan’s Building Construction

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Brannigan’s Building Construction Study Helper Version 5.0

Based On NFPA’s

Brannigan’s Building

5th Edition.

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  1. 1425 Questions Spanning 14 Chapters.

  2. 552 Definitions.

Easy-to-use interface. Take test on-screen or print them out in a variety of ways.  Keeps track of the questions you answer incorrectly.



Why Do You Need Brannigan’s Building Construction Study Helper Version 5.0 From Knightlite?

Francis Brannigan is quoted saying when asked why firefighters need to study building construction.  His answer was, “Because, your life depends on it!” Why do you need Knightlite’s Brannigan’s Building Construction Study Helper Version 5.0?  “Because your fire career depends on it!”

Here’s the scenario. You just received the list of books for an up-coming promotional test and you see that the Brannigan text is on the list.  At first glance, the 485 page book does not look all that imposing.  That is, until you start reading it. There is so much information packed into this text, its almost impossible to remember everything contained in it. Many aspects of EMS and Firefighting are just plain common sense. But unless you are in the construction industry, the information contained in the Brannigan text will be extremely challenging to remember.

That’s where we come in.  Knightlite Software is designed to test your knowledge, pinpoint your weaknesses and build your confidence. The book gives you the foundation knowledge. Our software will help you retain that knowledge, reduce your stress, and foster the confidence you will need to excel on your exam.

This software is not a simple study aid.  It is an absolute necessity that will determine whether you get promoted or whether you don’t.  Knightlite Software has spent the last 19 years helping firefighters excel on their certification and promotional exams. The firefighters who use our software are the ones who get promoted.

Knightlite Software is committed to our customers, offering instant download of our products and toll free tech support 7 days a week.  If you have any questions about our software or what techniques in using our software will yield the best results, pick up the phone and call us. 1-800-707-9875. Knightlite is a customer-centered company. We are here to help.

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