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Ahsha Reads will read any Windows or Mac OSX text that you copy to Clipboard.

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Versions available for both Windows and Apple Macintosh OS X.


Ahsha Reads - Email And Computer Text Reader Version 5.0

Have Your Computer Read Your Documents Out Loud To You!

  1. Proof Read Any Document From Any Windows or Mac Program!

  2. Have Internet News Articles Read To You!

  3. Have Your E-Mail Read To You!


1) Read E-Mail messages.

2) Read long strings of numbers in Excel and other Spreadsheet programs.

3) Proof read documents in any Windows or Mac OSX app.

4) Read news articles on websites.

5) Read on-line books.

6) Students can proof read school projects.

7) Read technical documents.

8) Helps children with their reading and writing.

9) Will read anything you type, or anything copied to clipboard.

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Select all text by highlighting it:

    Press CTRL plus A will select all the text - Windows  

    Press Command plus A will select all the text - Mac

Or Select  a block of text and:

    Press CTRL plus C on the keyboard.

    Press Command plus C on the keyboard.

Or Highlight any text and right click you mouse and select COPY.

Click the Read button on the Ahsha Reads Tool Bar.

Download Windows Version

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Download Mac OSX Version

Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion,

Mountain Lion


Simple To Use - Small Moveable Interface Stays On Top Of Your Windows!

Helps You Catch Writing Mistakes!